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Century 21
Sussex & Reilly

"Do you have a property that shows less than favorable on the outside?? Or are tired of waiting weeks for your rendering work to be completed...This artist turns a mediocre property into a shining star!! Turn around time is typically 3-7 business days!

Unlike your standard rendering - he provides a "watercolor" which could subsequently be turned into a client gift! His work is fantastic! ...and he's VERY REASONABLE.

Yan comes from St. Petersburg, Russia and is a true artist! Every rendering is done by hand. Contact me if you would like more information."

Patrice A. Lorenzo
Director of Marketing


Home Owner:

"Wandering the streets of Chicago, I came across a newly remodeled house on Greenview Ave. for sale. I recognized this to be the house my mother spent her high school years growing up in after coming to America as an immigrant from Germany, post World War II, 50 years ago.

I contacted Yan after seeing the beautiful watercolor rendering he did of the house, and asked him to reproduce another, one which I could present to my mother. Yan was more than helpful in assisting me with this gift – but he was also a delight to work with.

He checked in with me every step of the way, frequently emailing sketches of his progress thus far, and always consulting me on specificities such as colors, and various details of the house…

I believe he instinctively sensed that this was a special gift and knew I wanted to take part in as much of the process as I could. He also went above and beyond a normal commissioned artist by suggesting framing ideas, color suggestions, as well as checking shipping prices, packaging details, and meeting my time-sensitive needs.

Yan is a professional like no other because as much as he recognized how personal my gift was, he is truly business savvy when employed by businesses and professionals. He really does listen to his customers, which is exceptional and rare. Besides being a brilliantly talented artist, he combines his architectural knowledge with his gift for color and painting, which makes his work unique.

It was an absolute pleasure to hire Yan; my mother cried when she received her exquisitely beautiful watercolor… and I would recommend Yan, his work, and the idea of a rendering of your home as a gift, unquestionably and unanimously."

Sabine Singh
New York City, New York

Baird & Warner
City North

"We had a great pleasure using Yan's watercolor renderings for our marketing brochures.
Our real estate agents here at Baird & Warner believe that part of their job includes making their properties stand out from the crowd; with Yan's help that is exactly what each brochure cover does.

We use Yan's watercolor paintings on our brochures to highlight the classic design of each vintage building. We are delighted to have Yan as our main source to do renderings for our marketing brochures. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information."

Gale Byrne, Marketing Coordinator
4040 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618
Office: 773.549.1855
Direct: 773.883.2360
Fax: 773.549.1326


Martin Kleinman & Associates:

"Yan has a unique talent. On one hand, he is an architect, with academic training and professional work experience. On the other hand, he is an accomplished artist, with special skills in watercolor painting.

Yan combines the best of these two abilities in every architectural rendering he does. He is an artist who can "read" working drawings, as well as an architect who can paint works of art.

It is rare to find this combination in one person. His renderings for my architectural firm never fail to delight "

Martin Kleinman
2615 W. Fitch Ave.
Chicago, IL 60645

Office: 773.764.4802


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