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Yan Obodyanik
Chicago, IL

My career in Architectural Renderings started at St. Petersburg School of Architecture. Architectural schools in Russia have a profound emphasis on Fine Arts.

That’s why I had the fortune to have a wonderful team of art instructors. Under their supervision, I made tremendous progress in a very short period of time in both graphic and watercolor techniques. Very soon I became one of the best artists of more than 5000 students in the school. My works became part of the school’s art exhibitions and were used as examples for other students. I also worked with clients from Holland and Germany who bought my paintings featuring views of St. Petersburg.

After getting married, in 1999, my wife and I came to Chicago. In the beginning of my life in America, I didn’t believe that my artistic skills could be useful, so I studied Computer Drafting and Graphic Design and worked as a consulting draftsman . But I never enjoyed working with computers as much as I loved working with the canvas. Luckily, my employers were constantly asking me to do perspective sketches or renderings. So one day, I realized that my first assumptions that my artistic skills were not going to be useful in America were wrong. I realized that if so many people had already asked me to do watercolor renderings, it’s sign from above that I have to make it my full-time business.

And I did it! And, thank G-d, since that time I never regret this decision!
In a very short period of time, I created dozens of perspective renderings for both commercial and residential buildings, single houses and multi units dwelling having the pleasure to work with architects, real estate agents, developers and home owners.

Being trained in both Art and Architecture, I’m artistically depict and emphasize the most essential parts, shapes and details of the house. I work using on-site sketches and digital photos or, if the house does not yet exist, I create my renderings using working drawings .While working with sketches, I look for most dramatic perspective views, angles, composition and expression of the image, creating renderings that have been called “unique works of art.”

In addition , following my clients demand and using my AutoCAD and graphic design skills, I also offer Marketing Floor Plans and Marketing Brochures.
I wish that my existing and prospective clients will greatly enjoy having my renderings as a marketing tool as well as a part of the interior design of their offices or homes.


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